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Terms & Conditions 

Loyalty Card Program

  1. 60% advance payment along with purchase order (PO) & balance payment at the time of delivery.

  2. 18% GST extra on total or unit cost as applicable.

  3. PO is non-cancellable hence advance payment or any payment would be non-refundable.

  4. Warranty after delivery or on field support or service or any field specific durability testing is not applicable.

  5. A spoke person should be nominated for the training and further communication regarding upcoming guidelines or updates from time to time.

  6. Software AMC charges will be Rs. 3000/- from next year.

  7. Timeline commencement after receipt of advance payment & input material. Delivery schedule will be 20 working days after receiving final printing approval on email of proposed sample design.

  8. Merchant / Customer shall have to bear their cost of their damaged / lost (if any) product as per current rate.

  9. Merchant / Customer shall have to bear their shipping cost.

  10. Card distribution support or guidance will be provided timely if needed. 

I have read & agreed to all the above mentioned Terms & Conditions. I am hereby signing this agreement with RFL Group, with all my consciousness & belief.

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