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​RFL Group has been Established with an AIM to Flourish the Market with it's Economical and Efficient Products.

RFLGroup is a product based organization supporting its connectors and customers through a series of products and benefits. A good worldwide network is only possible when you make your engagements happy and satisfied and at RFLGroup, we endeavour to achieve the same.

This is your step forward to a successful enterprising career. We at RFL GROUP believe that you have taken the right decision. RFL GROUP business opportunity provides space and scope of enterprising and innovative earnings. You will grow with RFL GROUP as a friend, a supporter, a guide, a mentor, and as well a successful entrepreneur. We as an RFL GROUP will support you and work together throughout your journey to success. RFL GROUP provides you the most successful and powerful business plan christened as “OUR PROSPERITY PLAN”. RFL GROUP PROSPERITY PLAN brings you a unique and innovative wonderful feature called “Cumulative Marketing Plan”. - INDIA

We deliver convenient and simple, one stop solution for customers to a broad range of Banking services. Customers are allowed to make purchases or quick payments and money transfer across all segments. We deliver all types of consumer services such as CRM ATM Machine, Micro ATM, POS Machine, Loyalty & Gift Cards, Fishlake, Electricity bill payments, travel and tour bookings, cine bookings, mobile and DTH recharge, Banking, IT-Return filing, GST registration, GST-Return filing and financial services at your local area.

We offer effective and convenient way to broadcast our franchise network. We deal with traditional store step up in the client’s local area. Our franchise and its network are fully integrated with multi-functional user interface. All our services are interconnected with service provider’s servers and allows the user to deal with real-time financial and banking transactions.

All our services are legally handled with contractual agreements with all our service providers and are legally authorized with proper terms and conditions and also offer consumers with real-time transaction receipts.

  • CRM / ATM Franchise

  • RFL Payments Bank

  • R Bazar

  • Fishlake

  • Delivoz

  • RFL Banking Solution


MAY 3, 2012

Use this area to let your visitors know about your latest news. 

MAY 3, 2012

Use this area to let your visitors know about your latest news. 


MAY 3, 2012

Use this area to let your visitors know about your latest news.